MasterSAM suite of product addresses daunting challenges today faced by the IT security & compliance specialists with innovative solutions for:

  • Privilege User Access Management (a.k.a, PUAM, PUM or PAM)
  • Surveillance of user’s activity
  • Granular user’s Access Control

Deployed in a flexible combo deployment option of choice, MasterSAM provides coverage of the Privilege User Access Management, Surveillance of user’s activity, & granular user’s access control capability in one complete integrated suite. In fact, by implementing MasterSAM, you get a complete all-in-one secured access management solution which is more than just mere privilege user or access management offered by some point vertical solutions OR surveillance/monitor only solution which are currently offered by some utility software.

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We can provide board level, strategic guidance on how penetration testing should be utilized within an organizations cyber security strategy.