In this digital age, there is no shortage of focus on cybersecurity. While CIOs and CISOs worldwide have invested billions of dollars over the years in strengthening their security posture with tools and appliances geared toward prevention, detection and mitigation, we still see breaches like that of EquifaxUber, Anthem and several others. The threats loom large, and hardly a month goes by without news of hacking, theft or data pilferage.

Interestingly, even as investment in cybersecurity grows, CISOs candidly admit that the next attack is not an IF but rather a WHEN. This despite tools that are becoming increasingly sophisticated and with many starting to embrace machine learning and artificial intelligence-based approaches focused on detection and mitigation.

Ironically, some researches show almost 75% of the threats to be originating from internal resources. Not all of these are malicious. Training employees on security proactively (and frequently) can go a long way in mitigating these threats. In order to train them, both security administrators and rank-and-file employees need to be exposed to authentic scenarios that mimic real life. A mere PowerPoint training or a few videos will not suffice!!

This is where CYBER RANGES come into play! Such cyber drills are consistent with new RMiT requirements by BNM (Clause 11.25).