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Aims at discovering weaknesses and vulnerabilities related to the network infrastructure of the organization. It involves firewall configuration & bypass testing, Stateful analysis testing, DNS attacks, etc.

Network Penetration testing is one of the important areas to look at when your organisation is heavily reliant on technology. A typical network penetration test will cover two areas: Internal and External. Internal Penetration Testing will discover the vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the Internal network from an internal attacker’s point of view. For External Penetration Testing, it will discover the same vulnerabilities but focusing on the attack that is coming from the Internet.

FIRMUS will perform assessments based on a few popular penetration testing methodologies such as OSSTMM, CREST Penetration Testing Execution Standard and Penetration Testing Framework. These methodologies will enable FIRMUS to keep track of the items that have been examined and to further improve the value of the penetration service provided to the customer.

Vulnerabilities such as Operating System patches, misconfigurations, service vulnerabilities, and more can be discovered by performing this assessment. From this FIRMUS will provide a comprehensive and specific recommendations to the customer related to their environment for them to solve the issue.

Network Security Assessment Methodology

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