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Proactively Prevent Threats with Centurion Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

A unique combination of technology, people and process delivers concrete improvements for your organisation, transforming day-to-day operations

Operating an effective security program is extremely challenging. Attackers are constantly evolving, don’t respect time zones or holidays, and often execute damaging intrusions in hours. The necessary tools to defend against these threats can be difficult to use and can require a lot of resources to appropriately implement, operate and maintain.

With Centurion MDR, it is able to address both capabilities and resource concerns when it comes to defending against cyber threats.

Centurion MDR Methodology


Ready your environment by continuously optimizing your security experience with the latest threat trends, knowledge and tactics to defend your security perimeter


Leveraging on Next Generation EDR and Threat Intelligence to discover threats by unlocking analytics-based insights from global-threat traffic


Determine severity, impact, affected assets and root cause while assessing business risk. Centurion’s process limits alert fatigue and time wasted on false positives


Alert clients to the threat, provide details of our response and advise them of any further action they should take


Centurion MDR allows you to rapidly respond to an active known attack and provides detailed guidance on remediation as well as containment actions


Continuously assess, monitor and improve your security posture while providing you full transparency through a single pane of glass. Track the disposition of each vulnerability over time

Proactively Discover, Monitor and Protect Every Asset

Strengthen your defenses and unlock the power of synergy with Centurion, where 1+1 equals more than just 2.

Rapid Response and Remediation

Quickly addressing and resolving cybersecurity incidents to minimize damage and restore normal operations

Scalability & Flexibility

Seamlessly adapt and expand to meet evolving needs and demands with a flexible subscription model.

Cost Effectiveness

Maximize your ROI, ensuring optimal use of resources without compromising quality or performance

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