Dinner and Drinks | Given the evolving tactics of threat actors, the increasing sophistication of their methods, and the constant discovery of new vulnerabilities, security operations teams are finding themselves increasingly stretched thin as they try to investigate and remediate each security incident. Among the attack vectors most frequently targeted by threat actors is email, which remains a highly leveraged means of carrying out successful attacks.

At our recent event, in collaboration with SentinelOne and Mimecast! Attendees had the opportunity to learn from Thiban Darmalingam and Melissa Lim on how the integration between two companies accelerates incident response capabilities across all security layers, including email, endpoints, and cloud.

Additionally, sake sommelier Chiharu Yabe gave an insightful talk on sake appreciation to fully enjoy the delicate flavors of sake, making it a truly unforgettable evening of learning and enjoyment as everyone is able to exchange ideas and insights while sampling a selection of premium sakes from various regions in Japan.

Big thanks goes to SentinelOne, Mimecast and Exclusive Networks for making this event a great success!