FIRMUS Partners with Picus Security to Provide Automated Cyber Security Posture Validation in Malaysia & Singapore

FIRMUS is proud to announce a partnership with Picus Security, the Pioneer of Breach and Attack Simulation, enabling FIRMUS’ clients to be able to have a more holistic view of their security posture that enables consistent and continuous improvement of their security systems.

FIRMUS CEO Datuk Alan See added “Due to constant changes in IT environments and the evolution of threats, organizations need to be aware of their cybersecurity gaps at all times. Our partnership with Picus enables our clients to proactively validate their security posture, maximize the effectiveness of existing investments and mitigate risks more swiftly and effectively.”

To avoid serious business impacting breaches, it’s imperative to identify and address weaknesses before attackers can exploit them. New attack methods and constant changes within IT environments mean organisations’ readiness to defend against threats such as ransomware can vary day-to-day. Automated security validation is now essential to ensure organizations understand their preparedness to defend against the latest attacks and have the data and insights they need to make prioritized decisions about where to focus attention and resources.

“The Picus Complete Security Validation platform delivers the insights organizations need to better understand their threat readiness and optimize existing security investments to prevent serious incidents”, says H. Alper Memiş, Picus Security CEO and Co-Founder. “We are pushing the boundaries of automated security validation to enable organizations of all sizes to identify and address security gaps continuously.” 

The agreement will see FIRMUS offer The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform to its extensive network of channel partners in ASIA, mainly in Malaysia and Singapore. The platform simulates thousands of real-world threats and provides mitigation insights to, helping security teams get the best from security controls, eliminate high-risk attack paths to critical assets, and optimize SOC effectiveness.


FIRMUS was established in 2008 and is the Industry Leader in Cyber Security services and solutions. We are an award-winning company, with CREST Accredited for the provision of Penetration Testing (Pentest) services as well as a MSC-Status company.

At FIRMUS, our mission is to build a secured business environment for our clients. Through our integrated team of domain experts in Assessment, Assurance, Operational Technology and Solutions; we help our clients to capitalize on new opportunities, assess and manage their cyber threats and risk to achieve their business growth.

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About Picus Security

In 2013, Picus Security pioneered Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) technology and has helped companies improve their cyber resilience since then.

Established by cybersecurity veterans with academic backgrounds and extensive hands-on experience, Picus Security developed a transformative Security Validation solution for end-to-end attack readiness visibility and effortless mitigation to pre-empt cyber attacks across all cyber defense layers. Picus’ “The Complete Security Validation Platform” provides granular and actionable insights for operational and executive teams, helps built proactive capabilities, maximizes technology utilization, and thus optimizes return on investment and keeps the risk of getting breached consistently low.

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