Seminar Dinner | The financial services sector is a high-value target for cyberattacks and highly regulated by jurisdictions around the world. Facing constant intrusion attempts and other attacks, IT solutions for financial services often find it difficult to move from a reactive cybersecurity stance to a proactive one. Achieving this goal is complicated by a continually expanding attack surface brought about by new technologies launched through digital innovation initiatives.

A piecemeal approach to Zero Trust Access leaves security gaps and is burdensome to manage. A fully integrated security solutions for effective and efficient control over who and what is on your network is key for Fintechs to securely disrupt and win.

On August 19th, we had a great sharing of insights on how Fortinet and SecureKi will aid fintechs companies in reducing cyber risks hosted by FIRMUS at Nizza @ Sofitel KL Damansara.

Big thanks to our sponsors, Fortinet and SecureKi as well as Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara for making this event possible.