Breached by Ransomware? We are here to help you recover!

No matter how well we are equipped with security, detection, and prevention systems, it’s always good to have a plan for what to do if there is an incident.

Introducing FIRMUS Incident Response (IR) where we provide our IR services to compromised customers through our experts that will provide prompt support towards containment, ensuring no further damage is done and the business can resume as usual with minimal impact.

When a breach occurs, the speed to remediation and recovery is critical to minimize the impact on business operations. Advanced persistent threats can quickly break out across your network, infecting your endpoints, moving laterally across your systems, and disrupting your business.

As Malaysia’s top cyber security provider, our incident response team is always prepared to assist our clients in recovering from cyberattacks. Having a local top-tier incident response team at your side is essential for quick response and recovery from cyber-attacks given the rise in ransomware attacks today.

FIRMUS IR Approach

The FIRMUS IR is designed to enable organizations to quickly bounce back after an attack. The service is designed to react quickly and effectively to a cybersecurity incident and is backed up by digital forensics professionals towards determining the root cause of an attack. FIRMUS IR allows different calibrations to suit your organization’s needs and budgets.

If you’d like to learn more about how FIRMUS IR can provide you with the assurance and support you need to recover from a breach, get in touch with us today.