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  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a holistic management process that identifies potential threats to an organisation and the impacts to business operations those threats , if realized, might cause, and which provides a framework for building organisational resilience with the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand, and value-creating activities – ISO 22301:2012 – Societal Security – Business Continuity Management Systems; Requirements
  • While, IT Disaster Recovery (IT DR) is the ability of the ICT elements of an organisation to support its critical business functions to an acceptable level within a predetermined period of time following a disruption – ISO 27031:2011 – IT — Security techniques — Guidelines for ICT readiness for business continuity
  • Money is lost when business processes are interrupted for any reason! An interruption due to a disaster is that much more costly. A BCP and/or IT DR Plan will help organisations to prepare for such events and handle them effectively, thus safeguarding their reputation and the interests of their stakeholders.
  • We provide BCM and IT DR services to help organisations:
    • Develop BCP or IT DR program in conformance to ISO 22301 or regulatory requirements.
    • Help clients test their BCP or IT DR Plans – Table-top Simulation Test / Full Simulation Test.

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