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  • Data Leakage Prevention, also known as Data Loss Prevention or DLP is a security strategy to prevent or protect users from sending sensitive information or critical information outside the corporate network. DLP is a subset of Data Governance as it addresses the data security aspect of Data Governance.
  • Implementation of a DLP is now a basic security hygiene factor, it is mandated or recommended by many regulators, such as BNM, MAS, HKMA and, etc. However, DLP, being a business solution, that affects all users, is not a simple plug and play technology that can be implemented by using basic professional services. DLP implementation requires business consulting, which can design the overall Data Security program, develop data governance processes such as information classification and handling and its related policies and procedures, ascertain the right data owners, and develop DLP governance and incident handling workflows.
  • DLP Business consulting helps organisations comply with the requirements. Without DLP Business Consulting organisations risk not being able to effectively use their DLP solution.
  • With extensive and deep DLP consulting and implementation experience, our DLP Business Consulting offering focuses on assisting clients to:
    • Develop their DLP program.
    • Provide DLP business consultancy to help implement their DLP program.
    • Assess their existing DLP solution implementation or overall program.

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